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The server is now on Pixelmon 3.1.4 Latest Forge Mod Loader here:
Download 3.1.4 here: 

Hey everyone, welcome to Zeref's Pixelmon server (Not much of an amazing name.. I know).
Anywho, It's great to see you here~ I'm hoping to see some new active players on the server. With players comes good giveaways and prizes!

The owner is me: Martinsen55 a.k.a. Zeref

We are a very welcoming server, with a very friendly community, and helpful staff!

-Tons of events, including hotfoot, frog event, parkour, and drop parties!

-With the new update, comes a world reset, allowing new players to start fresh!

-Come check out our Gym Leader building to look for open positions.

-No open Gym position? No problem! You can attempt a Gym Takeover, by using a team of the same type as the defending leader. Win, and you become the new leader!

-Want to be part of a team? Join Aqua or Magma! Participate in team events, and tournaments!

-We are currently looking for builders! If you wish to apply, please speak to one of our staff members.

Hope to see you soon!

When joining for the first time, you may crash. This is due to your player file being set up.


thefappinpanda hi it says the End of stream :S what do i do ?
rbor9 It said I am not White-listed, may you please do so? My username: rbor9
lemonysqurital hey do you have a friend named gelleal
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